March Soy Candles in Decorative Tumblers


March's scent collection is all about spring break, dreaming of warm weather, beaches, and relaxation.

Clean-burning, long-lasting soy candles in beautiful tumblers with glass lids make a stunning addition to any room.

Each 12 oz tumbler has an average burn time of 40 hours.


For longest burn times and to prevent “coring,” allow melt pool to reach container edge (approximately 2-3 hours after lighting) before extinguishing. Don't leave candles unattended. Burn times longer than 5 hours each can impact longevity.

All candles poured and shipped in batches the last week of each month. 




Product Description

March Scents

      • Miami Vacation— Sea mist wafting to you as the waiter brings you another fruity drink and offers to help you with your suntan oil. Faint hints of tropical flowers float to you on a breeze.
      • Moonlight Beach— Mist drifts off the waves of the Pacific as you and your surfer friends light a bonfire and roast some veggie dogs on the sand. Named after a beach in Encinitas, CA.

* Denotes exclusive scents. 


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